Scene Study Classes


Having its foundation on the Stanislavski System and the Actioning Technique, the Scene Study classes were designed to help you build a better, more effective, and creative relationship with the script and develop an analytical eye to collect the information you need to do the scene.

The work involves analysing and practicing different types of scripts (movie, theatre, TV, monologues, duologues, drama, comedy, etc.).

The classes are offered in two different formats: ongoing and private.


Scene Study for Actors: the focus of these classes is on the development of the actor’s professional skills through text analysis and scene practice of different scripts.


Scene Study for Writers: these classes provide guidance to writers throughout their creative process, from the beginning of their creation to the revision phase.


Scene Study for Directors: the aim of these classes is to acquaint the director to the actor’s creative process to establish a better and more productive communication between them.

Ongoing Study Classes

Weekly classes suitable for actors who are interested in developing a resourceful and insightful way of working with the script and wish to keep exploring and developing their acting skills. Writers and directors who wish to understand the actor’s creative process are welcome to join.

What will you work on? different types of scripts (movie, theatre, TV, monologues, duologues, drama, comedy, etc.), in depth script analysis, script breakdown, scene structure, actioning, character study and development, active analysis, improvisation.

When? Tuesdays from 6pm to 7:30pm (London time)


Private Scene Study Sessions

The private classes are personalised and designed for your own specific needs. My aim is to help you achieve your goals through collaborative working. I will guide, support and work with you throughout your journey offering mentoring and professional training through the sessions.


Scene Study

Having the same foundation as the ongoing classes, the private scene study sessions will help you understand and connect with the text to bring the script to life in a personalised way.


Mini Scene Study (2 People)

For those who want the benefits of a private class but prefer to work with a scene partner, Mini Scene Study is the way to go. The classes are tailored towards the needs and goals of each student and are a great way to keep working on your craft with a scene partner.


Audition Preparation

Private sessions designed to help you in your audition process, giving you the tools you need to be more confident when making decisions through your character’s point of view.


Role Preparation

Acting coaching sessions designed for professional actors who are preparing for an acting job and need help developing the character and connecting with the script.