Personal Development Sessions


These sessions are suitable for corporate employees, businesspeople, presenters, journalists, teachers, lecturers, public speakers, voice over artists, vloggers, podcasters, youtubers, actors, singers, directors and individuals who wish to develop their confidence and relationship with the self.


Having the Alexander Technique and Mindfulness principles as the base of its work, the classes were designed to help you create a healthier, more confident, and mindful relationship with your voice, body and mind. Through posture work, breathing exercises and confidence activities, the aim is to help you understand your body, vocal instrument and respiratory system to have a more conscious relationship with them.


The work is a combination of  Voice Technique, Yoga and Pilates poses and exercises,  Improvisation, Speech and Communication Skills.

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The main principles of the Alexander technique are:

  • “how you move, sit and stand affects how well you function”
  • “the relationship of the head, neck and spine is fundamental to your ability to function optimally”
  • “becoming more mindful of the way you go about your daily activities is necessary to make changes and gain benefit”
  • “the mind and body work together intimately as one, each constantly influencing the other”

Conditions such as backache and other sorts of long-term pain are often the result of misusing your body over a long period of time, such as moving inefficiently and standing or sitting with your weight unevenly distributed.

The aim of the Alexander technique is to help you “unlearn” these bad habits and achieve a balanced, more naturally aligned body.


PRIVATE SESSIONS – Online | In Person (London) – £65

The private classes are personalised and designed for your own specific needs. My aim is to help you achieve your goals through collaborative working. I will guide, support and work with you throughout your journey offering mentoring and professional training through the sessions.



In these sessions I will give you guidance on a particular presentation or speech you are preparing for. We will work on your communication and presentation skills through performance technique, vocal exercises, and speech practice. You will learn how to connect with the words you speak, engage with your audience and gain confidence in your speech delivery.



This session will stimulate the connection between your voice, body, and mind through practical exercises: Yoga and Pilates based movements (stretches), Alexander Technique principles (posture), relaxation, breathing, vocal exercises (resonance, projection, articulation). Ideal before and after a day’s work.



If you are preparing for a voiceover job or audition, play reading, speech, lecture, talk, etc., and need help engaging with the words, this is the class for you. The sessions will help you feel more confident in your voice by understanding and connecting with the text/words through text analysis and practical vocal exercises.