Verônica Sarno Interview on Personal Development Sessions

Not sure if Personal Development classes are for you? Read the interview below and find out what a personal development session is and discover its benefits.

1) How long have you been interested in the field of well-being and are you practicing?

Since a very young age. I’ve always found it difficult to cope with life’s demands, so I’ve always used art to escape the daily pressure and free my mind and emotions. As I grew older, I found out a lot of people felt the same way. Since 2013, I’ve been sharing my artistic, reiki, movement, posture and breathing practices with my students. 

2) Tell us what your discipline can bring to people’s lives.

The sessions will help you create a healthier, more confident, and mindful relationship with your voice, body and mind. Through posture work, breathing exercises and confidence activities, the aim is to help you understand your body, vocal instrument, and respiratory system to have a more conscious relationship with them.

3) Could you provide some instant top tips to help us feel good in body and mind?

It’s all about changing the vibrational energy you find yourself in. Educating our mind is the key to that. And, to help our mind, a non-tangible “organ”, to change that vibrational energy, we need to use the body as the tangible instrument. One of the ways to do that is to listen to a song that elevates your energy or that calms you down (depending on which emotional state you find yourself in) and allow your body to move with the beats of the song. Another thing is, whenever we do an activity, our mind starts actively working in a focused way. So, daily activities such as cook, shower, clean, make the bed, are great ways to snap us out of the negative thoughts and put our mind’s focus on something else, allowing the brain to “cleanse” and create new connections.

4) How would you describe your method as a practitioner?

I don’t believe in a formula. We are all different and are stimulated in different ways. There are common things that can be done but they will never be done the same way by anybody. It’s all about finding your own way of doing things. Having said that, the foundation of my teaching is rooted in the Stanislavski System, Alexander Technique and Mindfulness principles. But again, I believe each person is on their own journey, with different learning processes, carrying their own experiences. Therefore, in both private and group sessions, I’m always attentive to each person’s needs and learning journeys. My aim is to help the student achieve their goals by offering them support, guidance, and professional training. Through collaborative working, I want to help people to open space for new discoveries and to become more mindful of their work by acknowledging their body, mind, and emotions in thier daily and professional activities. 

5) With experience, are there things you have learned or unlearned about yourself or others?

Everything is an opportunity to learn. I have realised that what is good for me might not be good for the other person and vice-versa. Respecting ourselves and the others on their respective journeys is one of the most important things. We shouldn’t force neither ourselves or other people to be someone we think is “better” or “right”. We are all different and respond to life in different ways. The important thing is to approach people and situations with respect, love, and kindness even if we disagree with something or someone. We are responsible for creating the atmosphere around us that we wish to live in. We are creators!  

6) Do you have a role model, a person who really inspired you?

My parents.

7) How do you personally relax; what methods work for you?

Like I said above, different things work in different circumstances for different people. But personally, depending on the emotional estate I find myself in I will dance, listen to music, get involved in some artistic work/activity, cook, read, clean, do some stretches and breathing exercises, walk outside, sleep, etc. These are a few things I do when I need to get my mind out of things or just relax 

8) Tell us about a memorable lesson

Every lesson is special. Every session is a new discovery, not only for the student but for me. We are all constantly learning. That’s the beauty of life.

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