“Building a Character” Workshop

Discover and experiment the elements you need to create a consistent and truthful character

Based on the Stanislavski System, the workshops happens in person four times a year.

By exploring and experimenting the elements an actor needs to build a character, the aim is to enable you to find in the scene the information you need to create a truthful, believable and consistent character under the circumstances of the story.

During the workshop we will investigate:

– What is a character?

– What constitutes a character?

– How to find the elements that constitute a character ?

– How to incorporate those elements into my acting?


15th of April (Friday)

10am to 5pm | Central London (Venue TBC)

Workshop Structure:

– 10am to 1pm: first part

– 1pm to 1:45: lunch break

– 2pm to 5pm: second part

What will we work on?

– Script Analysis

– Improvisation

– Character exercises

– Scene study

– “Rehearsals and performance” of the scene

What to bring?

– Printed copy of the script

– Notebook

– Pencils, pens and highlighters

– Bottle of water

– Shoes you think are suitable for your character

– Any element of clothing/prop (hat, jacket, scarf, cigarette,etc) you think constitute the personality of your character.


“Building a Character” – Workshop Tickets, Fri 15 Apr 2022 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

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